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Quality, Supply Chain and Safety

Nonna Gina uses only high quality local ingredients without the addition of preservatives and additives. Just like the Grandmothers when they made Fresh Pasta at Home. Our raw materials come exclusively from Emilia-Romagna. We reveal the supply chain:

- Fresh Eggs : Baschieri (Modena)
- Flour : Molini Pivetti Rosa (Renazzo, Ferrara)
- Pork : Artisan Salumificio Pavullo (Pavullo, Modena)
- Mortadella : Alcisa, Mortadella IGP Due Torri (Bologna)
- Parmigiano Reggiano : La Rustica Due (Reggio Emilia)
In addition to the supply chain, it is essential that the product arrives in the best conditions . This is why we have designed an isothermal packaging that maintains the temperature at 5 degrees during transport, wherever you are! For shipments we rely on UPS , leader in international express transport.