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Who is Nonna Gina

Nonna Gina was from Emilia, from Ferrara to be precise and she had two great passions: music and cooking which in reality combined, however, because she often cooked while singing. She met her grandfather Cassiano in the ballroom where he played in an orchestra, they got married and from that happy marriage 5 children were born. They had six grandchildren and I'm the fifth - the one in the picture!

One of my earliest memories is linked to one of our secrets: fun rides together on a bicycle by the sea in summer. Grandma made me sit in the rear rack of her "Graziella". For me it was a lot of fun zigzagging between the cars speeding by at my eye level, but if she found out, my mom would be really angry. , he takes our bikes away. ”

The pact was then sealed by the question: “And what kind of pasta does your grandmother prepare for you today?”
My choice fell between: tagliatelle, maltagliati, farfalle, quadrucci.
I still see her put on the apron, turn on the radio, take the eggs and the flour, prepare the "fountain" by turning the hand, break the eggs and knead. The thing that enchanted me the most, however, was watching her while she rolled the dough and seeing her transform two simple ingredients into a perfect circle of dough that he jumped with a rolling pin as if he were a juggler. I still remember the snap that the pasta made when it fell back on the table without a wrinkle while I maybe peeled the peas for the sauce.
His generosity reached its peak when I was recovering from the flu or from a cold then it allowed me to choose also between ravioli and even tortellini or cappelletti, usually reserved for Christmas and Easter.

According to my mother I was spoiled, but grandmother Gina le she always said “Don't you see how worn out he is? You have to whet his appetite and I make a pasta egg first than go and buy it "!

she only got mad at me when she found out that I ate raw pasta. I was really crazy about it and was always trying to steal her from the table, but she missed nothing, so more than once I caught my slipper being thrown while she screamed at me: "It hurts your stomach"!

I'm sure you had a grandmother Gina too, right?