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Where to buy Fresh Pasta in Germany

Fresh pasta in Germany

In Germany it is easy to find local shops and markets with a wide range of European and non-European food products. Looking well, you can find everything, but it is not easy to find a product that is never lacking in Italian homes: fresh pasta!

What is fresh pasta

Fresh pasta means pasta made in the morning to be enjoyed within 24 hours, stored correctly in a perfectly clean environment and cooked immediately afterwards.

The varieties are many: Tortellini, ravioli, tagliatelle, gnocchi, rigatoni, spaghetti, tagliolini, gramigna, macaroni, etc

How to make fresh pasta at home

Perhaps not everyone knows how to prepare perfect fresh pasta: there are only two ingredients: flour and eggs, but, be careful, not all eggs and flours are the same!

For the stuffed pasta, the filling ingredients are choice pork meat, mortadella, PDO parmesan, salt, nutmeg, black pepper, all local ingredients, from Emilia Romagna, of high quality without the addition of preservatives or additives, exactly like our grandmothers did at home.

Where to find fresh pasta in Germany

In Italy, just go to the local shop and the fresh pasta is presented in plain sight, just made and ready to be tasted, but in Germany where can we buy fresh pasta?

I do not recommend you to go around the city risking to find something similar to fresh pasta which, however, is not the real "fresh pasta", because you know, for "fresh pasta" yes means a pasta made in the morning to be enjoyed within 24 hours, stored correctly in a perfectly clean environment and cooked immediately afterwards.

Our advice is to go to www.nonna-gina.com, choose your favorite fresh pasta among the many proposals (tortellini, tagliatelle, rigatoni, spaghetti, tagliolini, gramigna, macaroni), click, order and receive it within 24 hours of production.

But there's more, Nonna Gina's fresh pasta is not only made by hand, but also hand-rolled with a rolling pin as it once was.

Those who have tried it appreciated the careful preparation of tortellini and all other types of pasta in special containers, an elegant isothermal packaging perfectly functional for conservation and aimed at preserving the product at 5 degrees, and above all a service of delivery with the international transport leader UPS, which ensures the shipment within 24 hours of the order, the same day as the preparation of fresh pasta and the next day home delivery anywhere in Europe, in optimal conditions, as if you had gone yourself in the local shop.

Why Grandma Gina

To understand the difference between an industrial product and an artisanal product like that of Nonna Gina, just make a simple consideration: you are more attracted to the noodles placed in one of the many identical packs purchased in the refrigerator department of a supermarket maybe at very low cost, produced for a long time and long expiry or those that arrive fresh at home, rolled out the day before and still with the scent of flour?

So, whether you live in Munich, Cologne , Sedan, Munich or Hamburg , why not order some excellent tortellini emiliani and enjoy them as if you were in a nice restaurant in Bologna?

If you have decided on a nice Sunday lunch based on fresh pasta and you still have some questions or doubts, contact Nonna Gina and our expert will be happy to answer you and advise you for the best.

How to order Nonna Gina's fresh pasta

Very simple: Click here , choose your pasta, and it will arrive within 24 hours of preparation!


What is the expiry date of fresh pasta?

Being completely handmade, without additives or preservatives, if kept in the refrigerator it should be eaten on the same day as the package arrives. But fear not , you can freeze the pasta upon arrival and cook it frozen - which we suggest you do.

How is Nonna Gina's fresh pasta shipped?

The pasta is shipped in isothermal packaging to keep the pasta temperature at 5 degrees, with zero environmental impact delivery in 24 hours from production.

To guarantee maximum freshness, the pasta is delivered 3 days a week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

How much does shipping cost

Find the shipping costs in the section Shipping Policy

Who is Grandma Gina

Nonna Gina was from Emilia, from Ferrara to be precise and she had two great passions: music and cooking which in reality combined, however, because she often cooked while singing. She met her grandfather Cassiano in the ballroom where he played in an orchestra, they got married and from that happy marriage 5 children were born. They had six grandchildren and I am the fifth. Discover the story of Nonna Gina here .